Sunday, June 19, 2005

Decibel Measurements Taken

Thanks all for taking the noise measurements Saturday...special kudos to those that appeared yesterday: ANC6C Commissioner Anthony Rivera, DCRA Noise Inpsector Mandoza Lowery with the decibel meter, and MPD Officer Michelle Ridlehoover for walking the block and talking with interested neighbors. We're anxious to know the results of Mr. Lowery's measurements, but cautious at the same time: As all of my neighbors can attest, it was noticeably much less loud than on previous Saturdays. I think the group knew it was being officially monitored and measured.

As far as Inspector Solberg's suggestion to have residents meet with the noisy group, I received a number of responses from neighbors who were reluctant to attend such a face-to-face meeting: All cited a fear for their personal safety, or the fact that we've tried talking reasonably with the group before and got nowhere.

Again, we believe an acceptable solution for all parties would be for the noisemakers to simply not use the amplifier. In other words, the group can stay on that corner and disseminate their message and the residents can enjoy their Saturdays in relative solitude. The residents view this outcome as a win-win for both parties, and it's obvious to me that the noise-making group is not responding to the problem in the same spirit. In fact, one could conclude that this group is intentionally harassing the neighborhood community.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Double Trouble: Two Noise Groups Compete!

Not only one, but two groups employed loudspeakers all afternoon on Saturday at the corner of 8th & H Streets NE. I'm not sure if MPD was able to check on permits for using the loudspeakers. (As an aside, one group parks its vehicles illegally on the south side of H Street, directly behind their small stage.) Anyway, ANC6C Commisioner Mike Sherman was kind enough to swing by and check it out.