Monday, February 11, 2008

Bullhorns Blare 19 Weekends in NW Neighborhood

Residents in northwest Washington, D.C., report that for the past nineteen weeks, uninvited noise has invaded homes in the Woodland Normanstone neighborhood.

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Protestors, armed with bullhorns, apparently have targeted a television network executive's residence. The New York Times noted it in a story last week.

The protestors' efforts have focused on attempts to annoy and harrass the hell out of the executive cloistured inside her house, but people living in the surrounding homes have suffered as well.

The city's broken noise law leaves District dwellars helpless against uncooperative noisy people--and there's not one dang thing D.C. residents can do about it.

"For residents not involved in the dispute, this has brought an annoying and obnoxious public nuisance to our neighborhood," said one neighbor in a message to the D.C. City Council. "Please continue to push for legislation to control the noise level our residential neighborhood."


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