Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Council Votes 7-5 to Table Noise Bill

D.C. Councilmember Mary Cheh, a constitutional law professor and self-professed "card-carrying member of the American Civil Liberties Union," explains why a noise fix is necessary to protect District of Columbia residents. (Copyright © 2008: David Klavitter)

The noise bill is delayed.

That's the result of today's D.C. City Council meeting. It appears that a majority of the D.C. city council cares more about special interests than protecting residents at home from amplified noise.

Councilmember Mary Cheh eloquently introduced the bill, after which Jack Evans made a motion to table the bill, with no other date for consideration.

Tommy Wells, who co-sponsored the noise fix, expressed disappointment at the council vote. "It’s tough to stand up against special interests," said Wells.

"We worked hard with residents and labor leaders open to a solution to find a fix that is fair and provides some neighborhood protections," he added. "I’m disappointed more of my colleagues didn’t side with fairness for our residents, but I’ll continue working to change their minds.”

Thank you to Councilmembers Cheh, Tommy Wells, David Catania, Carol Schwartz, and Marion Barry. They voted against tabling the bill.

Thanks to our fellow friends, neighbors and other citizens from across this great city who wrote letters and made phone calls in support of the bill so far.

Stay tuned...noboby's singing--amplified or otherwise--yet.


Blogger Tom A. said...

UGG! I'm happy to do some amplified speech outside Jack Evans's home. Let me know when it's going to be.

4:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you think the folks that showed up in the red t-shirts were actual union members or paid stand ins?

12:31 AM  
Blogger Klav said...

Thanks for your note, Tom. I will let you know the next steps.

3:14 PM  
Blogger Klav said...


I believe you're referring to this July 24, 2007 Washington Post story, right?

I don't know whether the t-shirt clad people were real union folks or paid stand-ins.

3:22 PM  
Blogger Sleepless in Shaw said...

I just wish I knew about the protest in front of Jack Evans home. I for one continually put up with extremely load noise coming from a store front church on New Jersey Ave NW which start services during the week at 9pm and go to 11pm to 12am. At times they have also had service from 11pm to 3am in the morning where sounds levels can reach 65-75 in my living room. The police department has been called and have been unable to stop them since they are a "church".
With the amount of taxes I am paying to the DC Government, I for one will love to be in front of Jack Evans house daily.
My bad for voting for Jack Evans in the past. I know I will not be voting for him in the future and I know he does not get any votes from the church members because they all come in from Maryland.
Let me know when the next protest is in front of his house. I know I will be there with also my neighbors who are at wits end with the noise we put up with.

3:09 PM  

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