Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Council Volunteer Needed for Home Noise Test

Lest any elected councilmember believes that 80 decibels inside one's bedroom is an allowable level of sound, we propose a controlled test. The requirements:

* One councilmember inside the comfort of his or her living or bedroom;

* One trained noise inspector with a certified decibel meter stationed inside the councilmember's living or bedroom;

* Members of the interested Washington-area media, labor union officials and other councilmembers stationed inside the councilmember's living or bedroom.

* One single person with an amplifier positioned outside the councilmember's home;

* Increase amplified decibels until noise volume reaches 80 decibels as measured in councilmember's living or bedroom.

We'll supply the one person with amplifier, the trained noise inspector and invitations for special guests. The volunteer can even provide refreshments, if desired.

Now, who will volunteer?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I suggest you try the demonstration outside a council member's home without waiting for someone to volunteer. Aftter all, if the sound is legal, it must be OK, right?

(Former Washingtonian here who can really empathize with your struggle.)

7:00 PM  
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