Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Relative Quiet of 8th and H Streets NE

After months of relative quiet inside the homes of those living near H and 8th Streets NE, I think the friends and neighbors now can safely accept that one noisy and amplified group has finally moved to busier pastures.

It started earlier this spring, in the heat of the battle with the city council over a bill that would protect residents from unreasonable amplified noise INSIDE their homes. Suddenly one Saturday, representatives of the Israelite School of Universal Practical Knowledge (ISUPK) stopped gathering with their amplifier in our northeast neighborhood.

Many here suspected a conspiracy—some payoff to quiet the amplifiers until the brew-ha-ha down at city hall blew over. However, we’ve discovered the group now blasts their amplifier on Fridays in Chinatown—H and 7th Streets NW.

This blogger has more.

According to one member of the ISUPK who works in my building, the bustling Chinatown intersection offers more people to hear the group’s amplified message.

The D.C. residents of downtown Chinatown have my sympathies about the blasted noise.

Meanwhile, H and 8th St NE remains home to the Rev. Dallas Williams and others, but their amplified lectures are few and far between—plus they’ll turn down the volume if asked.