Monday, January 23, 2006

D.C. Has Anti-Noise Listserv

In my correspondence last week with the national group, The Citizens Coalition Against Noise Pollution, I was referred to a Washington-based listserv called “QuietDC.” It was “created to help people who are suffering from noise problems.” The yahoo group was founded in January 2003. Who knew?

An offshoot of a Cleveland Park Listserve, the creator said he started “QuietDC” after being awakened by illegal early morning recycling pickups.

The listserv description explains “QuietDC” has “morphed into a listserv that deals with all kinds of noise problems in the District of Columbia.”

“Feel free to post your problem--somebody may have a solution! Remember, people and business who make noise will usually continue to do so, unless they are pressured to stop,” it says.

“…noise has a real effect on our health and well-being, causing high blood pressure and reducing our immune system...only by working together can we stop noise polluters,” it continues.

For more information and to subscribe, check out QuietDC. I’ll post a permanent link on Quest for Quiet.


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