Friday, June 09, 2006

Community Responds to ISUPK Comments

Protection from excessive noise. That is all the residents of H and 8th Street NE ask.

Based on comments to yesterday's Express Free Ride interview with the ISUPK's Virginia-based James Henry, it is obvious that people in the neighborhood--and beyond--are concerned and care about the issue.

I also was heartened by peoples' consideration for each other--an example of the kind of community that makes this world just a little bit better.

The comments not only defended the neighborhood's right to peace and quiet, but also Mr. Henry's right to speak.

We hope the D.C. city council can hear us. Are they listening?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not certian if this would work or not, but the residents of 8th & H might try applying for a city permit on the public site each saturday to hold a demonstration (of silence) of their own. That would allow the police to remove them from the area if they could not show that they had a permit to demonstrate at that time and place.

This same group used to perform their rhetoric in front of my office building by Metro Center every friday afternoon. I've heard their message before and it is thoughtless and rude.

3:12 PM  

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