Friday, July 14, 2006

Noisemakers Respond in Hill Newspaper

The July 13 edition of the Voice of the Hill newspaper carries an interview with one of the noisemaking fellows who regularly blasts the H & 8th Street NE businesses and residents with more than four hours of amplified speech nearly every Saturday.

Predictably, his answers attempt to veer the debate from the real issue: noise. It’s important to note that while his long-winded group most consistently disturbs the peace, several others also use amplifiers--some of which are much more powerful--at that intersection.

You can read the interview by downloading the pdf version (2.7 mb) of VOH.

To reiterate, the residents and small business people--of all shapes, sizes and colors living and working near H and Eighth streets NE--support the rights to free speech, religion and assembly. We also believe in the community’s right to enjoy peace and quiet in one’s own home or business. We understand people living in a city must expect a certain amount of urban noise. We desire all groups simply turn down their amplifiers so the sound is within safe and reasonable decibel levels for everyone, as measured by a decibel meter.


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