Monday, April 24, 2006

Excuse Me, Sir, but You Woke Up My Kid

Among the letters to Ward 6 Councilmember Sharon Ambrose and D.C. Consumer and Regulatory Affairs Committee Chairman Jim Graham comes this one sent by a neighbor living in the 700 block of 8th Street NE:

April 22, 2006

Dear Council Member Graham,

Thank you for your attention to the noise issue at the corner of 8th and H St. NE, Washington, D.C.

My husband and I purchased [a townhouse near this intersection] in 2001 and we have enjoyed living in the NE neighborhood.

I would like to write, though, to let you know of the growing disturbance that the Twelve Tribes of Judah has become for our neighborhood over the past several years.

On many Saturday afternoons, the amplifiers and sound from their presence on the corner of 8th and H St. NE has been audible from the interior of our home and on at least one occasion the noise woke our 21-month-old son from his nap.

My husband and I have attempted to have legitimate discussions with the Twelve Tribes of Judah, but are unfortunately called names and harassed beyond the point of even beginning a conversation. I have only been able to shake the hand of one of the leaders three consecutive times – only to stand in his presence to be called profane names in response to our handshakes. After three handshakes and three series of profanities I was not able to continue in his presence and walked away.

So, any efforts that you can make to assist our neighborhood to bring about some peace would be great!

Thanks so much for your attention to this matter.


(name omitted)

Clearly the city council must repair the broken noise law. Would they be quicker to respond if this scenario was being played out in their neighborhoods? We invite Councilmembers Graham and Ambrose to visit during any sunny, Saturday afternoon. If they’re feeling extra energetic, they can try and reason with the noisemaking fellows.

The city council may not be losing sleep over the issue at H and 8th Streets NE, but the residents who live in the vicinity most certainly are.


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