Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Canada Explores 'Assault by Sound' Charge

(CLICK TO ENLARGE) Neighbors try to converse while bombarded by sound waves from one group’s blaring amplifier. The noise from one group rages for more than four hours each Saturday. Sound waves are physical matter that can transcend fences and other barriers. (Copyright © 2006. David Klavitter)

While fences can keep out some things, they can’t keep out harassing waves of sound, which also are physical objects.

A blogger named listener recently posted this to interesting tidbit Quest for Quiet:

The noise you are experiencing is loud enough to be considered assault. It is like a directly contacting physical touch in that noise is a physical force. It is unwanted touching, molestation by noise, invasive physical contact with a wave rather than a solid material. It is relentless.

There is a way to lay a charge, up here in Canada, if a prosecutor won't lay the charge. Ultimately I expect to see such a precedent set.

The U.S. Military must agree. It uses sound for waging psychological warfare and is exploring new sonic weapons.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder if there is a similar way for a private person to lay a charge in the US? Here, a criminal charge or charges, such as criminal harrassment, relating to some section of the Criminal Code of Canada, would be laid in an information (document) by the prosecutor (your district attorney). But a private information, as I said, can be laid. I have seen it done.

And what about a class action? What's happening in your town is crazy! How can it go on for so long? Someone has to shut them down.


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