Wednesday, October 04, 2006

D.C. Jokingly Calls ‘Excessive Noise’ a ‘Menace’

The next time you find yourself imprisoned at home some afternoon, unable to escape the physically punching sound waves from one unreasonable person’s electrified amplifier, you can take comfort knowing the District of Columbia’s “declared public policy” should protect your community. Or not.

To the residents and businesses near H and 8th Streets NE suffering from more than four hours of extremely loud (100 decibels) amplified speech every Saturday, this “public policy” is nothing more than lip-service, at best, and a joke, at worst.

Title 20 District of Columbia Municipal Regulations “CHAPTER 27 NOISE CONTROL GENERAL PROVISIONS” reads:

2700.1 It is the declared public policy of the District that every person is entitled to ambient noise levels that are not detrimental to life to life, health, and enjoyment of his or her property. It is hereby declared that excessive or unnecessary noises within the District are a menace to the welfare and prosperity of the residents and businesses of the District.

It is the declared public policy of the District to reduce the ambient noise level in the District to promote public health, safety, welfare, and the peace and quiet of the inhabitants of the District, and to facilitate the enjoyment of the natural attraction of the District.

Funny? Our neighbors and businesses think not. Review the District of Columbia’s entire “CHAPTER 27 NOISE CONTROL” here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Truly a joke. Speaking of lip service, I recall that Graham talking about how he wanted to work out a solution that would balance constitutional concerns with quality of life concerns. I also recall that he asked for ideas on what the law should look like in order to strike that balance. I sent him some thoughts several months ago and have hear nothing. Does anyone have any contact or continuing dialogue with the Chairman or his staff on this issue?

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