Saturday, April 26, 2008

Noise #1 Neighborhood Complaint, Reports Wash Times

The cover story in the April 25th HomeGuide edition of the Washington Times reports that Americans rank noise as one of the major problems in neighborhoods today.

From trash trucks to karaoke machines, paper-thin condo walls to amplifiers, this story covers the waterfront. It also notes the variety of regulations throughout the Washington, D.C., area. An excerpt:

"Noise ordinances can differ significantly by jurisdiction. In the District, for example, the city council is considering an amendment to the existing noise law that would limit the level of amplified noncommercial speechmaking, which has been protected up to now. Fairfax County considers televisions, radios, musical instruments and animal sounds noise disturbances when they are plainly audible across property lines or through partitions. (All complaints usually require monitoring to establish that a violation exists.)"

It also touches on a D.C. bill now pending before the City Council. It would protect residents from unreasonable amplified people.

Read Lisa Rauschar's complete story, "Enjoying peace, quiet in neighborhood," on the Web.


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