Wednesday, April 27, 2005

A Day of Camaraderie

It takes a number of voices to gain the attention of city hall. Today I received a note from Bobby Pittmann of the Linden Neighborhood Association. He received my April 26 email, and thanked me for contacting Inspector Solberg.

Bobby promised to send my message to our listserv and email lists. For those who wish to join an open discussion among residents go to and click on the Yahoo group icon or cut and paste:

Bobby added that some in the community believe the stores in the vicinity of 8th and H Streets NE--Rite Aid, the Sportz Zone, and H Street Connection owner Rapaport Properties--bear some responsibility in policing what happens in front of their businesses also.

“There are quite a few people down on this end who are willing to sign petitions and help rid the community of the noise created by this Saturday afternoon activity,” said Bobby. “I think all of us support free speech, but should it continue for hour after hour?”


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