Monday, November 21, 2005

It’s About Noise, but What About Space?

(CLICK TO ENLARGE) Here’s another photograph made on Nov. 19. It’s looking southwest from H Street toward 8th Street NE. It shows the backside of the noisemakers' stage. (Copyright © 2005: David Klavitter)

The noisemakers don’t always use a stage, sometimes opting to simply stand on the sidwalk. The Nov. 19 featured boards on crates and several chairs. While the group does not need a permit to assemble or make speeches, my understanding from our Aug. 29 community meeting is they can’t assemble this stage on a public space without a permit.

They noisemakers did not use the amplifier, although it was present at the foot of the stage.

Their speech projects toward our neighborhood’s houses, which are visible beyond the noisemakers.


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