Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Noisemakers Start Blogging!

Finally, some of the noisemaking fellows from the Israeli School of Universal Practical Knowledge (ISUPK) are exploring quieter ways to distribute their message. They’ve started their own blogs.

A dedicated “Quest for Quiet” reader alerted me to the sites. One is called Lord’s Chosen. The other is called Furious Zion.

Interestingly, several comments to a Lord’s Chosen posting include references to me--the "'cracker' that takes our picture every weekend.”

Disappointing, however, is a misstatement about the intent of the residents living in and around the 700 block of 8th Street. To clarify, we don’t desire to remove anyone from the corner. We support a person's right to assemble and exercise free speech. We only object to the unrestricted use of a powered amplifier.

In addition to both profile photographs, “Furious Zion’s” homepage contains a link to a series of copyrighted photographs lifted from my “Quest for Quiet” blog. I will ask him via email to either properly credit and link to the “Quest for Quiet” blog or remove them from his site.

These blogs are virtual (and quiet) tours of what the community experiences from a blaring amplifier every Saturday.

If you want to explore their theology, no need to beat a path to H and 8th Streets NE, only to be blasted by the amplifier. Let your mouse do the clicking! Enjoy!


Blogger Lonnie Bruner said...

I've met a lot of people in my life, but these could be the most hateful, angry, fatalistic, doom-saying, homophobic, racist, bigots I've ever seen or heard. I honestly believe that the only reason they're able to get away with the stuff they say is because they're African American.

Don't believe me, QfQ readers? Check out the exact quote about David Klavitter from their blog, apparently responding to someone with the blog name, "Abu Graib" (Lovely). (Link)

"Abu Graib, you filthy, lonely, geeky, weirdo, rat bastard. I changed the title of my post because it's MY post, you fucking jungle monkey. I'm familiar with a Bishop having one wife as well as Men having a God given right to have more than one wife.

You're no different from that "cracker” that takes our picture every weekend. You get your feelings hurt by what we say and then you make it your life to discredit us and hate us. JOIN THE FUCKING CLUB, you shit faced heathen. At least the 'white' boy started his own blog, all about us of course. He has a goal (to get those I.S.U.P.K. ni**ers off the street). But you ABU, (did someone sneeze), you sit lonely at night and constantly think about us and what to say about us. I bet your some small nerdy computer geek with no girlfriend who is turned on by us, you nasty faggot. What’s your goal, what’s your mission, what are you trying to build. Get over your obsession with us, you’re not part of us and you never will be. I know it hurts; many heathen races are heart-broken when we tell them we will not accept them.

Start your own blog you stinking, RAT eating, closet computer freak, geeky, lonely, faggot, piece of a human, coward ass heathen. Then you and all your weirdo friends can blog each other to death and talk about how much we don’t know and how wrong we are and how much you all hate us and maybe you all can come to one of our camps on the streets before the world and see how much we don’t know. Afterward you and the rest of the weirdoes can go have a nasty freak, faggot orgy like heathens have always loved to do. Then you all can go to HELL. Get a fucking life, you’re insignificant."

- ISUKP leader, who goes by the blog name "Lord". No joke. What an unhappy, sad fellow he must be.

10:52 PM  
Anonymous Abu Khamr al-Murtad said...

Actually Lonnie, the person he was responding to was me. I post there and here under the nomme-de-web of "Abu Khamr al-Murtad" (I have even once responded to one of your blog posts). In the blog you were reading, names get cut off (thus "Lord..." is really "Lord's Chosen," and "Abu ..." is really "Abu Khamr al-Murtad"). They simply called me "Abu Graib" as a sophomoric attempt at insulting me (another member of their church once called me "Abu KUMr" via private e-mail, which, oddly enough, is in line with their bizarre yet oft-repeated tendency to employ homo-erotic imagery during a homophobic rant).

As for his abusive rant, it is typical of their group. As I said there, they present themselves as willing to debate anyone, anywhere, any time, and they often brag about how the scholars of the world are afraid of them (and they're more than willing to share anecdotes about alleged events where some scholar attempted to refute their claims and was "shut down" with clear arguments, et cetera). However, every time I've seen them attempt to debate these issues, it goes badly for them (hence the reason they prefer to only debate in a setting where they can shout over a person via megaphone).

I've long come to the conclusion that the intellectual, and thereby the rational, foundation of the worldview championed by these types results in the average Israelite of this sort having a curious tendency to believe that those outside their cult either know that their doctrine is the truth and reject it out a pure obstinacy, or else are simply ignorant of it and can be converted by a few elementary explanations (of specific verses in the KJV Bible which they have acquired via a mechanical, and almost rote, mode of memorization and regurgitation). That anyone should actually be able to oppose their claims with good conscience, and (worse!) on rational grounds, quite exceeds their imagination. I have discussed these issues with many Israelites (of the ISUPK and like-minded groups), both in person and on the net, and the result has, thus far, always been the same. Under the premise that their doctrine and reality cannot possibly contradict, and that any opponent of "the Truth" can be shown to be factually or exegetically incorrect, many take up the initial challenge of considering these arguments. But, to date, every single one has failed to make it past the preliminaries of the discussion. I can only suspect that some are left a bit upset, half-wondering if they have made a mistake in converting to what might be a palpable lie. Not to be deterred, some of those whom I correspond with over the internet make a desparate attempt at mining the world wide web for an antidote to soothe their bruised theology, but end up resorting to laregly ad-hominem attack and then slip into the lazy logic of an intellectually defeated zealot. To them, the "heathens" are just evil, full of racist hatred, or incapable of being granted the true understanding of the mysteries of the Bible, and simply saying so is enough of a refutation.

The truth of the matter is that the internet will always be for the ISUPK and like-minded groups what Afghanistan was for the Soviet Union: a battleground where the overall dispute will ultimately, and invariably, end in defeat. Neither the "High Priests" of the ISUPK (or like-minded groups), nor their followers, can sustain an in-depth discussion regarding their doctrines in such a medium for an extended period of time. This is why they make it a common practice to delete the posts of their critics. As I wrote above, they present themselves as willing to debate anywhere, any time, against anyone who has the audacity to dispute their claims. But once stiff arguments are put on the table, they slink away and mutter amongst themselves about how they are not here to engage in "vain debates," rather their mission is to bring other Israelites to "the Truth". In other words, they'll assert that their message is the one true message, and they are here to spread the word, but they're not interested in actually contemplating objections about the inherent problems with some of their most cherished doctrines.

Really, it might boil down to a lack of attention span or poor reading comprehension (see, for example, how they continue to misrepresent Mr. Klavitter's position). Sigh...

12:37 AM  
Blogger Lonnie Bruner said...


You seem like an educated guy. Why do you waste your time and energy arguing with racists who are clearly very uneducated?

11:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Klav, 1st they take your peace and quiet on a Saturday, Now, they steal your photographs. SUE!!

10:15 AM  

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