Monday, November 13, 2006

Georgetown Students’ Form Church; Exempted from D.C. Noise Regs

D.C. regulations provide much deference to church groups. In fact, it exempts them from municipal noise regulations: "Title 20: 2704.10 Church bells or music connected with worship or official church ceremonies shall be exempt."

One group of Georgetown students recently took advantage of the loophole and legally formed a “church,” which neighbors claim only serves to skirt city occupancy and other laws. So loud music, shouting and amplified karaoke originating from this house—sorry, I meant “church”—is completely legal at any level at any hour. Check out the story in the Washington Post.

Just as it’s impossible to define speech content, it’s impossible to define a religion. Let’s make this easy for everybody: The city should provide NO special exemptions for church groups.


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