Friday, December 22, 2006

WTOP Radio Listeners Have Choice, Control

WTOP Radio yesterday morning aired its story on one group’s abuse of the District of Columbia’s broken noise law. It allows unlimited decibels of non-commercial speech to amplified anywhere in the city from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. The story--complete with photos, audio and listener comments--is posted on the station’s website. You can listen online.

Reporter Mark Segraves clearly illustrates the noise problem’s impact. However, he focuses a bit much on the content and one group's antics--the issue is about noise alone, as measured with the objectivity of a decibel meter. Remember, other groups also setup amplifiers during the weekend, like the Rev. Dallas Williams on Sundays and Evangelist Woodward on periodic Saturdays.

The irony of yesterday morning’s 7 o’clock hour broadcast was that the announcer preceded Segrave’s story by cautioning listeners with children to "turn-down" the volume of their radios, due to potentially offensive or graphic language.

The option to "turn down the volume" currently is not available to the residents and businesses at H & 8th Streets NE.

Before you listen to the two audio files, remember that you have choice and control: You can choose to click to WTOP. You can choose to click on the audio play button. You have control to make the volume louder or quieter. You can choose to turn it off.

In matters of unreasonable amplified noise, the D.C. law must return choice to its citizens. Make your choice to listen and read the full story here.


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