Thursday, June 28, 2007

They Covered Their Ears

A couple more stories chronicle the harmfully rude--but completely legal--noisey behavior of H Street NE community residents during Sunday's Amplified Free Speech Day in Adams Morgan.

An excerpt from Wednesday's The Hill newspaper covering Congress:

Passers-by in Adams Morgan covered their ears, shouted at the noisemakers and flipped the bird. One man put an amplifier in his apartment window above the Pharmacy Bar across the street for a little counter-counter-protest: “Okay, you’ve made your point — goddamn!”

Then he plugged in his guitar and squealed out “The Star-Spangled Banner.”
And this snippet from today's Voice of the Hill covering the Capitol Hill community:

When he took the microphone from Klavitter, Northeast Capitol Hill advisory neighborhood commission (ANC 6A) Chair Joseph Fengler reminded listeners that with the current loophole, he can create as much noise as he wants. “I could go to 200 decibels and probably bend your ear hair,” Fengler said.

Several Metropolitan Police officers stopped, but did not take any action. “There’s no law in D.C. that prevents this,” said officer Gregg Pemberton.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stay focused on the issue of volume vs content. You will and are winning! Good Luck on July 9th!

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