Monday, July 16, 2007

Out of My Bedroom!

(CLICK TO ENLARGE) We fully support free speech in the public space. However, we simply do not want preachers and protestors in our bedrooms.

"The unwilling listener is not like the passer-by who may be offered a pamphlet in the street but cannot be made to take it. In his home...he is practically helpless to escape this interference with his privacy by loudspeakers except through the protection of the municipality.” [1949 U.S. Supreme Court decision: KOVACS v. COOPER]

Just as I don’t want to be subject to your free speech in my bedroom, surely you don’t want to be subject to my free speech in yours.


Anonymous Cognito said...

The IPSUK bois are homosexuals. OF COURSE they want to be in YOUR bedroom. (They're hoping to drive your wife away with all the noise first)

6:45 PM  

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