Friday, September 14, 2007

Amplifiers Ensure Captive Audience for Poetry Group

Members of the D.C.-based Guerilla Poets Insurgency get loud during the June 24 Amplified Free Speech Day in Adams Morgan. The poet group’s amplifiers actually were louder than the one rented by the 8th and H Street NE neighbors. (CLICK TO ENLARGE Photo Copyright © 2007. David Klavitter)

The group believes it has a right to use an amplifier to force their poetry into residents’ bedrooms—whether the residents like it or not. The beauty of poetry—like any content—is subjective, after all.

Which makes me wonder if they use an amplifier because their poetry is so bad and nobody wants to listen to it?

And what about poets without amplifiers? Poets using natural voice to share their art would have been smothered by the noise.

Individuals or small groups cannot possibly compete if money and volume is left unchecked. The amplification devices will just get bigger and bigger until only one or two views can be heard.

A bill pending before the D.C. city council would ensure unamplified voices remain exempt from the city’s noise ordinance.


Blogger tpalmer64 said...

I have a general comment for the entire site. THANK YOU. I live at Euclid and 15th in a fourth floor apartment facing the street. We are right on top of a traffic light. Besides honking horns at rush hour (to be expected) I get the loudest RAP music. It is always from large cars with fancy wheels and and usually a lone male in the car. I suppose this too is self expression. But it wakes me up, scares me, and is a general nuisance.

4:14 PM  

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