Saturday, May 21, 2005

Another Query about Petitions

It's a beautiful Saturday afternoon, and I write while sitting at my computer with my windows closed because of the continuous noise being broadcast from the corner of H and 8th Streets NE.

Again, I send a note to MPD, the ANC commissioners and Skip Coburn of Councilwoman Ambrose's office. I tell them we have a group of concerned and irritated neighbors--as well as an alliance of neighborhood groups--ready and willing to sign a petition. We've not yet heard from Mr. Coburn.

Could this also be a public safety issue, I wonder? My wife, Kara, and I have no car and use public transportation. We frequently wait at the bus stops on the corner of H and 8th Streets. I'm curious about the harmful decibel level of the noise at the bus stop on the southeast corner of the intersection. The group's amplified speaker is pointed right at the bus stop shelter. Seems to me this could be a serious health concern for those that must wait for their north-bound Route 90, 92, and 93 buses.


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