Friday, December 23, 2005

Hanging Santa Claus, Without an Amplifier

(CLICK TO ENLARGE PHOTO) At the D.C. intersection of 12th and G Streets NW, the noisemakers label a plastic Santa Claus as the "devil." (Copyright © 2005. David Klavitter)

During my day off Friday, I paid a visit to the noisemakers’ weekly afternoon session at 12th and G Streets NW in Washington, D.C. The fellows were not using a powered amplifier this day. Even without the amplifiers, the fellows are certainly loud--they appear to speak with passion, spirit and energy.

With holiday shoppers everywhere in downtown Washington, the noisemakers’ holiday this theme included a public “hanging” of a plastic Santa Claus. Actually, I listened and watched for nearly two hours. Despite the disturbing concept of a public lynching, their street theatrics are quite dramatic--a powerful image with which to convey their message.

As I left, I actually engaged in a civil dialogue with one of the noisemakers. He is steeped in his beliefs and his desire to use the powered amplifier, but we agreed to discuss the noise issue in relation to H and 8th Streets NE.

(CLICK TO ENLARGE PHOTO) Santa Claus is condemned. (Copyright © 2005. David Klavitter)

(CLICK TO ENLARGE PHOTO) Santa Claus is strung up. (Copyright © 2005. David Klavitter)

(CLICK TO ENLARGE PHOTO) The crates are kicked away to chants of “hang him, hang him!” (Copyright © 2005. David Klavitter)

(CLICK TO ENLARGE PHOTO) The aftermath. (Copyright © 2005. David Klavitter)


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